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(e)motionless new reviews

(e)motionless : Some new reviews

Stonerhead (AU)

  "I love this trio of family members who create such a fat wall of sound"
Ride With The Devil (USA) - 

  "Straight from the get go and quite solidly for the first six minutes you get a real sense that theres a heavy industrial influence flowing through this album."
Stoner HiVe (HL) 

  "You can just as easily imagine green rainforests and naked beauties bathing under waterfalls, worn down parts of town where the wind has free reign over all the rubbish and very little souls dare venture or even sacred rituals by masked freaks that try to waken some ancient power. Palmer Generator has a lot to offer and probably has something for everyone…"
Doom & Stoner Comunity (ESP) 

Stoner.Blog (HU) 

   "Deep bass tuned, atmospheric effects, dark soundscapes, psychedelic accommodated, post rock guitar to ring tones, hypnotic vocals. I think specifically unique sound and melodic managed to create. Unworldly atmosphere perfect evening to listen to."

Music Addiction (ITA) -  

  "I Palmer Generator da Ancona trattano la materia psichedelica come una molecola densa e dal peso specifico impressionante. Suonano uno stoner psichedelico pieno di effetti  ed enfasi, ma quando c’è da schiacciare e mettere in azioni le distorsioni non lesinano in durezza."

The Soda Shop -

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