lunedì 27 maggio 2013

Review by "Welcome to the Void" (GRE)

(e)motionless - new Palmer Generator's Album - Review on "Welcome to the Void" (GRE)
Thanks to Haris!

Here the English Traslation:
The band Palmer Generator created in 2010 by Tom Palmer (guitar), his brother Michael (bass) and Matt (drums who is the son of Michael).
In 2011 the band showed us his first EP entitled "Schizoid" and this year gave us the debut album called "(e) motionless" which consists of nine compositions total duration of about 60 minutes.
The band in the new essay combines stoner music both with alternitive and with prog elements creating a very interesting and attractive final result.
The songs are very well crafted and properly structured so as not to bore you, so with beautiful melodies and powerful riffs gushing from guitar .The music of Italians sometimes emits melancholy and sometimes intense feelings of anger. The ambivalent feelings overwhelms them with a strange way the soul of the listener.
Really here we are dealing with a very good release which its worth to bother.

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