PHONEUTRIA     lyrics by Matt

Watching in a broken mirror
Dark shadows run upon the walls
You’re praying an imminent illusion
Spinning a lying spider’s web.
     Spinning for Phoneutria
     Pleading for Phoneutria
     Fading for Phoneutria

A cards castle ready to fall down
At the softest breath,
Chained to the walls of a mad mind
Result of a misfit notion.

watching inside your madness
Like a terrible endless nightmare,
Running after the past
Tormented by the fear of a mistake,
You’re walking an obscure corridor
Spying the gallows by the lock,
Watching in a broken mirror
Dark shadows run upon the walls.

AWAKEN     lyrics by Tom

Run, run, fast like the wind
I feel pain on my muscles 
My breath is so heavy
I never turn back my look
I always look at the horizon 
And contract all my legs …
     A jump and another.

Run, run, fast like the wind
No more pain on my muscles
I wonder where the others are
Did they succeed in escaping?
Maybe they’re running like me
Maybe they’re watching the horizon …
     A jump and another …

A sharp pain at the back 
That suddenly rise on the spine 
In a moment only fangs
I fall down in a thick dusty cloud
But there’s no more pain 
My look is slowly dimming…
The breath breaks down !

    Then … Only the wind.

This is your world
Are you Awaken?! 

ALOUD     lyrics by Tom

You call it freedom 
Trapped in a mind’s cage
Tempt with poisoned candies
Sedated and cheerful

Too tired in mind
The back is bent
Turn on the television
Greet the brainless club

Then I want to scream
The awaken  scream
Then I want to scream
The loudness scream 

SLEEP     lyrics by Tom 

You lie , you lie
I dream and I wake up
Dreaming of sleeping , dreaming of sleeping

A dream to be dreaming 

I’ll always dream

To be dream and be dreaming
A dream to be dreaming 

MEMORIES     lyrics by Emanuele Aquilanti 

Days pass for us
Escape in the memory
Painful moments
Senseless words
Now I see you in a box
Coming out so deformed,
Bad thoughts come to mind
Random words and false smiles

Black….cold ….memories

The great box is silent,
smell of death and lack of tears
Outside the children cry,
Feeling your energies go away
Now you can come out
You are now deformed,
Bad thoughts come to mind
random words and false smiles

Black…. cold …. memories

My memories are sad 
but I love the pain!
Everything I do has no meaning
But  I decided!

I feel evilness every time
All this is horrible.
I don’t go out from the box
I have a lack of values…
I have a lack of support…
I cry for find something useful.
But I have to choose My future
It’s a right choice

Now I can’t fell anything
I think you understood
Everything is black
I‘m a bad man

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